Why Freeze Dried Fruit?

Everybody love fresh fruit, it feels refresh and give you all benefit, vitamin and fiber. But sometimes, it might not convenience to take it. The best way to take fruit same nutritional value same as fresh one.

"Freeze dried Fruit"

Freeze drying fruits involve removing all their water content while they are frozen and then adjusting the pressure of the freeze dryer to completely dry the food. Although not as juicy as fresh fruits. But it is so convenience.

Freeze-dried fruits are very light and are easy to transport. Many backpackers and hikers rely on freeze-dried fruits for a quick energy boost. They are easy to eat, and freeze drying makes them smaller than their whole form.

Feeze-dried fruits are also convenient ways to supplement meals, and they make healthy snacks for on the go as well.

Another benefit to freeze-dried fruits is that they last for a long period without going stale. Hikers and backpackers rely on freeze-dried fruits when they are on trips that last longer than a day because they provide access to the nutrients in produce without worrying about fresh versions going bad. Freeze-dried fruits are also a healthy way

Freeze Dried Fruits The raw materials are prepared and frozen solid, and then freeze dried in a vacuum chamber

Freeze Dried Fruits 100% NATURAL

Freeze Dried Fruits NO CHOLESTEROL

Freeze Dried Fruits NO ADDITIVES

The raw materials are prepared and frozen solid, and then freeze dried in a vacuum chamber. Under this process, water contained as ice in the cells of products will be converted to be steam, while the shape, size, color and other properties are retained in the products. Selecting the Vacuum Freeze Drying Process and dark-air-tight packing is the best method of long term food preservation, it retains the aroma, color, texture and nutrients without requiring the addition of preservatives, Fruits maintain their visual appeal as well as their nutritional value and original flavour.










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